Tennis – an Olympic sport, played at all levels & ages in society. It can be played by anyone who can hold a racket. Tennis got its name from a French word “Tenez”, which means to hold, keep or have. Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent (singles) or between two teams of two players each (doubles).
Tennis like any other sport requires presence of mind & physical strength, so it also helps to develop Discipline & Determination to achieve the Desired, not only in the Court of Game but also in the Court of Life.

Tennis batches are sorted in four groups

  1. Beginners for Kids
  2. Tennis for Adults
  3. Advance Tennis
  4. High Performance Programme

Tennis for Adults

Tennis for adults are the batches designed for adults, 18 years or above.
For those who want to Learn & Develop, Tennis.
Tennis is a game of Physical and Mental Strength.
From Stroke development to Repetitive Drills we provide all that is essential to bring out an Athlete in you.
Here at ARA we not only focus on physical Fitness but also help our Athletes in developing Mental Strength to achieve the desired Goal.

Advance Tennis

Advance tennis is specially designed batch for those who want to take Tennis a step further and participate in tournaments.For Young Athletes from 10 to16 years of age.
We cover all that is required for full development of their skills, with a yearlong deigned tournament schedule to help them gain experience and set their hands on for tournaments.
We aspire to make them Tournament Tough.

High Performance Programme

This Programme provides special attention individually in small groups.It provides ideal environment which helps the Athletes to gain exceptional education and master the subject.
Many Athletes have been through this programme and today they are part of Association of Tennis Professionals, International Tennis Federation Sports&Women’s Tennis Association.Best on-court facilities and a 5star like accommodation will be provided to the athletes in this programme.
Our Tennis Director, Todd Clark with his highly qualified team of coaches, has designed this programme.